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Twist & Scoop Grapefruit Tool

Okay, we too were skeptical about this grapefruit tool. Then we tried it. This thing really works! Follow along here and check out the pictures above, and the video below, because this tool works in a unique way.

* Separate the tool into the corer and the scoop.

* Push and twist the corer into the center of the outside of a halved grapefruit to remove the core.

* Turn over the halved grapefruit, reassemble the tool, and use the scoop to quickly, neatly and easily remove the segments.

* Watch the video of the Twist & Scoop in action here.

Without the core holding the grapefruit segments in place, the sharp edges of the stainless-steel scoop easily remove those juicy segments without the skins, perfect for fruit salads. 10.25" long, dishwasher safe.

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