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About Kitchen Kaboodle

We're a bunch of people who love to cook, entertain and make our homes look great. The products you'll find here are the things we use and love ourselves. We think you'll like them, too.

Guess what! After 33 years at the same spot, we're moving our NW 23rd Ave. store.

Just 2 blocks south on 23rd, to the corner of 23rd & Burnside, where Cost Plus used to be, on the upper level, across Burnside from Zupan's. It's only 537 feet away from our current spot, according to Google.

We'll have all the same great stuff, with everything on one floor, and with more parking.

Our current store is most certainly still open. We'll open in the new spot in mid-April.

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A Greater Grater

A mother and daughter team right here in Portland created the Grate Plate, a remarkably efficient and finger-friendly tool for grating just about anything. Ginger, garlic, nutmeg, chocolate, hard cheeses, peppers, nuts: you name it, the Grate Plate can grate it. The Grate Plate is made of rugged, dishwasher-safe stoneware, glazed in brilliant colors. Check out all five colors here. The spiral grating surface on the Grate Plate will grate quickly and efficiently, but won't grate your fingers or knuckles, a big improvement on metal graters. Plus, grated food stays in the Grate Plate, instead of going all over, to be easily brushed into a pan or bowl with the included gathering brush. In addition to the brush, the Grate Plate also comes with a silicone garlic peeler for quickly and easily removing those pesky garlic skins. The Grate Plate measures approx. 4.5" in diameter. Dishwasher safe.

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