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About Kitchen Kaboodle

We're a bunch of people who love to cook, entertain and make our homes look great. The products you'll find here are the things we use and love ourselves. We think you'll like them, too.

In West Virginia, Gat Creek builds classic dining furniture out of solid cherry and maple. Each piece is custom made to order, and signed on the bottom by the person who built it.

Up in Massachusetts, the crafts-people at Saloom fashion solid New England maple into custom-built furniture with an eye toward clean, updated design. 

For a very limited time, you can order Gat Creek or Saloom furniture to your specifications, and take 35% OFF the list price. Now through February 24th only!

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Popping For 2 The Easy Way

Don't fight over the popcorn...make a bowl for each of you. The M-Cuisine silicone popcorn poppers from Joseph Joseph let you pop, season and serve your popcorn all in the same bowl. It?s simple to make perfect popcorn in minutes and add your own flavorings, without using oil or butter. Each popper turns a 1-oz. portion of kernels into a full bowl, just the right size for a single serving. Simply pour kernels into the bowl (there's a measuring ring in the bottom to show how many to add). Then fold down the flaps, place in your microwave, and cook on full power. When the flaps have opened and popped corn has reached to the top of the bowl, you're done. It will take 90 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. Let stand for one minute and make sure the bowl is cool enough to handle. M-Cuisine poppers are made from the finest, BPA-free, food-grade silicone and are dishwasher safe.

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