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We're a bunch of people who love to cook, entertain and make our homes look great. The products you'll find here are the things we use and love ourselves. We think you'll like them, too.

October is Zwillingfest!

The one time of year when you can find great savings on great cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and kitchen tools from Zwilling.

What's Zwilling, you ask? Zwilling is Henckels, Staub, and Ballarini, great European companies with a heritage of superb products. Final sale prices are viewable in your shopping cart. 

Happy Zwillingfest!

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September's Gadget of the Month


Sit Up Scraping Spoon

It just may be the finest cooking spoon in the world, the silicone Supoon (like a SUper sPOON) from Dreamworks. The Supoon scrapes, scoops, and measures, plus sits up flat on the counter, to boot. Good spoon! The deep head is made from high-grade, flexible, non-stick silicone that's safe to 500 degrees F. Use the Supoon for baking and mixing or for cooking on the stove. The straight end of the head cleans the bottom of a bowl or pan like a squeege, while the flexible edges cleanly scrape the sides of your pots and pans; get out that last drop of goodness! There are measuring lines in the head for both a teaspoon and a tablespoon, so you can save on cleaning up multiple utensls. And, the wavy nylon handle ensures that the Supoon stays upright on your counter, cutting down on the mess; the handle is even weighted, so the Supoon stays stable with a full scoop of sauce. The Supoon measures 11" long and is safe in the dishwasher. Hit ADD TO CART to select RED, for other color options click here.

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