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Zwilling Ja Henckels Llc

Zwilling Enfinigy Milk Frother




Style : 53104-101

Just one turn of the switch on the Enfinigy milk frother sends you on your way to making a rich coffee drink out of that ordinary cup of coffee, hot or cold. The Enfinigy milk frother features two small coil whisks - one for creating foam, one for making froth - that are spun at high speed to whip up cow's milk or any plant-based milk. You can either foam or froth while making hot milk; just swap in the appropriate whisk for the task. And, you can do the same thing without any heat; just turn the rotary switch on the front to make your temperature choice. The whisk operates inside the hygenic, seamless, stainless-steel frothing chamber; the motor is in the base and employs a magnet to spin the whisk. All the removal parts, including the stainless frothing chamber and the whisk assembly, are safe on the top rack of your dishwasher. The Enfinigy milk frother has a capacity of 6.75 ozs. for making hot milk, and double that - 13.5" ozs. - for making cold foam or froth. It measures just over 4" in diameter and slightly more than 8" tall.