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Zavor LUX LCD Multi Cooker 8-qt.

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Still the top-rated Multi Cooker according to Cook's Illustrated, the Zavor LCD Multi Cooker is the Fagor LCD Multi Cooker under a new name, with some new enhancements. The LUX LCD is Zavor's top-of-the-line counter-top electric cooker, a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a yogurt maker all in one. Plus, it can saute, brown, simmer, and keep food warm for serving later. It's all controlled by a simple, elegant control panel, featuring six buttons, a single rotary knob and and an easy-to-read LCD screen. It's easy to choose pressure cooking high or low for up to 6 hours; rice cooking just like a rice cooker for white rice, brown rice or risotto; slow cooking high or low for up to 24 hours; 2-step yogurt making for up to 24 hours; and automatic "keep warm" for up to 12 hours with a delayed start of up to 6 hours. The top-of-the-line LCD model adds a Flex function, which lets you set your own pressure level, your own cooking time, and your own cooking temperature to use the Multi Cooker like a stockpot. The LUX LCD Multi Cooker features 10 cooking functions, including Dessert, Eggs and Grains, plus more than 30 pre-programmed settings.

All the cooking is done in a stainless-steel pot that goes in the dishwasher for easy clean up. Plus, the Zavor Multi Cooker now includes a stainless-steels steamer basket with folding handles for easy lifting. The safe and quiet pressure-cooking function features an easy-locking lid, an automatic pressure release setting, two independent pressure control valves, and and anti-overheating protection. There's even a built-in condensation collector to help keep counter tops clean. The design is simple and contemporary, with a body of stainless steel. The LUX LCD Multi-Cooker comes with a user's manual, quick guide, and a recipe book with more than 70 recipes.