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Wellness Mats

Wellness Mat Granite Steel 2 ' X 3 '




Style : 32WMRGS

Granite Wellness Mats combine the original smooth Wellness Mat texture with a subtle metallic flecked finish. Wellness Mats are simply the finest anti-fatigue mats you can buy. And it's not just us who says that; healthcare professionals advocate the use of Wellness Mats, and the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, hospitals, salons, hotels, and professional kitchens all across the country have been relying on them for years. We use them behind the counters in all our stores and we invite you to come in and try them out. Think about where you find yourself standing a lot; in front of the sink, in the bathroom, maybe in the laundry room or the garage. In any of these locations a Wellness Mat will make standing more comfortable.

Wellness Mats are not gel mats. Instead, Wellness Mats are made of 100% polyurethane, engineered to provide ergonomically-correct body support that's been medically proven to encourage proper circulation to the extremities, promote better posture, reduce impacts, and enhance muscle conditioning. This is done by correctly suspending or displacing body weight to reduce muscle fatigue and stress.

Wellness Mats are made in one piece of solid polyurethane; they will not de-laminate or separate, ripple or bubble. The edges will never curl and will always lay flat, with a non-skid bottom to reduce movement and a tapered, beveled edge to guard against tripping. The tops are smooth and non-porous, yet not at all slippery. Stain, heat and bacteria resistant, Wellness Mats clean up easily with any household cleaner. On top of all this, Wellness Mats come with a 7-year warranty for residential use.