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Vitamix Explorian E310 Super Blender

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Vitamix has gone back to its roots with the new Explorian E310, a simple, rugged, no-frills super blender that delivers all the power that Vitamix is famous for, at an unprecedented low price. The E310 features the iconic Vitamix drive system, a peak 2 H.P. motor connected to an alll metal drivetrain, finished off by hardened, stainless-steel blending blades. It's the mechanical underpinnings that allow a Vitamix to create both hot soup and cold ice cream, smooth nut butters, juice from all manner of fruits and vegetables, and a nearly endless amount of "more". The Explorian E310 has simple manual controls - no automatic programs or timers - with 10 blender speeds and a pulse control, giving you plenty of flexibility for any recipe. The 48-oz., dishwasher-safe Tritan blending container easily fits under standard-height kitchen cabinets. The warranty is five years, compared to ten years on more expensive Vitamix machines. The Explorian E310 measures 8" wide, 9" deep and 18" high.