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Toddy Products, Inc.

Toddy Pitcher Pack Coffee Matty's Organic





Use pre-ground coffee from Toddy to get the most out of your Toddy cold-brew system. Or, simply use your favorite pitcher. Just grab these Pitcher Packs, your favorite pitcher, and fresh water. Steep for 8 to 24 hours, and then enjoy a smooth, refreshing glass of cold brewed coffee. Made from premium 100% Arabica beans, Toddy coffees have been specially roasted and coarse ground for cold brew. A light roast, Matty's Organic is a blend created by mixing beans from Central America and Africa.s. Each package contains 4 pitcher packs, which make approximately twelve 8-oz. servings of cold brew. To ensure maximum freshness and nuanced flavor, cold brew pitcher packs are sold in a resealable bag that's been nitrogen-flushed.