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Steelport Knife Co.

Steelport Flexible Boning Knife 6"




Style : N6-1000

The Steelport boning knife, made right here in Portland, is a throwback. The blade, bolster, tang, and pommel are drop-forged in one piece from carbon steel, not stainless steel. That means the Steelport knife will acquire a patina with use, and it means that it must be hand washed and dried after each use. But, it also means that it will take an extremely fine edge and that it is easy to sharpen. The Steelport boning knife holds its edge for an extraordinarily long time and is exceptionally sturdy at the same time.

The blade is slightly wider than an average boning knife, allowing for more sharpenings during its expected longer blade life, while still being narrow enough to be nimble and perform fine detailed work. The safety guard at the bolster is extra wide for additional protection and control, preventing injury especially if hands are wet or greasy from breaking down large cuts of meat. And, the handle is the same shape and size as the award-winning Steelport Chef Knife’s contoured handle, providing more comfort, safety, and stability.

Each Steelport knife is hand finished after forging, with a proprietary, eight-stage heat treatment done one knife at a time, a process that culminates in a cryogenic bath in liquid nitrogen. The blade features a differential hardening process, with the edge half hardened to 65 on the Rockwell scale, the rest of the knife to less than 40. The blade is given a convex grind to minimize friction and aid food release while cutting, and the top of the blade is finished with a soft edge that makes using the Steelport so much more comfortable than most fine cutlery.

The beautiful handle is made from Oregon big-leaf maple burl stabilized with resin to resist moisture and stains. Each handle is unique in appearance. The design of the handle and the bolster allows a secure, comfortable grip and maximum knuckle clearance, while permitting sharpening the full length of the blade. The Steelport chef's knife is a cutlery investment that is backed by a lifetime warranty from Steelport as long as the knife is given normal use. To protect your Steelport knife, you can use the solid-maple Steelport sheath.