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Smeg Usa, Inc.

SMEG Hand Mixer Pastel Blue

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Style : HMF01PBUS

If there are any kitchen appliances that look as good as those from SMEG, we sure haven't seen them. SMEG is an Italian company (SMEG stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla) inspired by the aesthetic of the 1950s to create unique, retro-style appliances that look beautiful and perform beautifully. Not just pretty faces, SMEG appliances feature rugged metal bodies with stainless-steel and polished chrome fittings and details, and although the style may be retro, the features are thoroughly up to date.

The SMEG hand mixer features a die-cast aluminum body, 9 speeds and 3 sets of stainless-steel beaters. Backlit LEDs in the handle illuminate a handy count-up timer (in seconds and minutes) and show the mixer speed; the LEDs disappear when the power is off, maintaining the sleek look of the mixer. Up and down push buttons on the handle control the speed. Beaters include a pair of wire whips for whipping cream, a pair of flat whisks for stiffer dough, and a pair of dough hooks for bread and pizza doughs. The beaters eject with a lever, and store in an included cloth bag. When not in use, the SMEG mixer balances on the back end to help keep your counter cleaner. It features a 5' power cord and weighs just 3 pounds.