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Kuhn Rikon Corporation

Slim Safety Lid Lifter Can Opener Black




Style : 21602

Redisgned for a more comfortable grip, the Safety Lid Lifter from Switzerland's Kuhn-Rikon does a great job opening cans. It's called a "touchless" can opener because it's unique design lets the tool itself grab the lid; you need never touch the can or the lid with your fingers and the lid never falls into the can. Not only that, the Safety Lid LIfter leaves behind no sharp edges, on the lid or on the can, making it safe for anyone to use. Plus, the cutting wheel never comes into contact with the contents of the can, making the Safety Lid LIfter hygenic to use. Its slim design fits in a picnic basket or backpack and is perfect for camping, boating or picnics. It also features a hook for opening pull-tab cans. Hand wash, 6.5" long.