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Kai Usa/Kershaw

Shun Classic Steak Knife Set

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Style : DMS400

There's something you can do to ensure your steaks are the very best they can be. You can use a razor-sharp steak knife. The knives in this set of Shun Classic steak knives are hand-sharpened to a 16° edge on each side. They glide through your steak, cutting fewer of the capillaries in the meat and thus keeping more of the juices inside. You will be astonished at what a difference these fine-edged steak knives can make in the flavor and enjoyment of your steaks. This Shun Classic set includes four beautiful steak knives, perfect for a small dinner party. They come in an elegant box, suitable for gift-giving or storage.

Forget everything you know about fine cutlery and remember this; Shun Classic knives are unlike any other. Sharper, more durable, more comfortable, and yes, more expensive, Shun Classic cutlery will change how you think about kitchen knives.

In Seki City, Japan, home of generations of samurai sword artisans, the latest advances in metallurgy are combined with traditional craftsmanship to create Shun Classic knives. It starts with Shun's proprietary VG-MAX "super steel", an alloy of carbon, chromium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, silicon, and vanadium. VG-MAX has a Rockwell hardness rating of 61 and because of its strength, the blade can be ground to an extreme 16 degree angle. This means Shun Classic knives start out sharper and stay sharper longer than European knives. To protect the edge, each Shun Classic VG-MAX core is clad on each side with 34 layers of bonded steel (16 layers of 431 stainless steel, 17 layers of 410 stainless, and a single layer of nickel), creating a 68-layer blade and the distinctive "wood grain" look of Shun Classic.

The asymmetrical "D"-shaped Pakkawood handle conforms perfectly to the curve of your fingers and you grip the knife, with an asymmetrical bolster that helps create the ideal balance point. All the technical talk adds up to one simple fact: you'll be astounded at how these knives cut and feel. Hand washing and drying strongly recommended.