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Dreamfarm Milberg Factors, Inc

Sharple Self-Sharpening Peeler




Style : DFSH4403

Imagine a peeler that never gets dull. Well, that's what the folks at Dreamfarm did to create the Sharple. See that little, white ceramic ball inside the clear plastic sliding cover? Every time you open or close the cover, that ball rolls along the Japanese stainless-steel blade, honing the edges to keep the blade razor sharp. It's a great idea that has been well-executed by Dreamfarm. The blade swivels to follow the contours of fruits and vegetables, so you remove only the pees, minimizing waste. The end of the ABS plastic Sharple is shaped to dig out eyes, blemishes and bruises. And the handle has been designed to make the Sharple equally comfortable for left and right-handers. Of course, the Sharple is dishwasher safe. 7.2" long.

As you can see, the Sharple comes in six colors, priced and sold individually. Please specify your color choices in the Order Notes field in your shopping cart.