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Portstyle Enterprises

Rosti Mixing Bowl 1.5-qt. White




Style : RST25030-W

This is one of the original, now iconic, melamine Margrethe mixing bowls from the Danish company Rosti, designed by Sigvard Bernadotte. The proportions of the bowl are just right, the heavy wall construction will hold up to the most vigorous mixing, while a non-skid rubber ring in the bottom keeps the bowl in place, jright where you want it. A comfortable handle and pouring spout make a Margethe bowl a pleasure to use, year after year. Margrethe bowls are heat resistant to 158 degrees F and are dishwasher safe. Not intended for use in the microwave.

Margrethe melamine bowls are manufactured using labor intensive methods which improve their characteristics, and each piece is hand-polished using a special compound which gives the bowls their clean, shiny, and smooth appearance. All materials in these bowls have been approved by the FDA for food safety.