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Portmeirion Group

Riedel Nachtmann Punk Whiskey Glass




Style : 99503

Those sober and staid Austrian glassmakers at Riedel have unleashed their creative side with the Nachtmann line of glasses, designs that are not what one expects from Riedel. Designer Anke Buchmann, in cooperation with the art and design college Central St. Martins in London, says Punk glasses make a statement. Designing a set of barware featuring areas that break out from the normal shape of the vessel, I broke out of the ordinary. Celebrating Punk’s 40th anniversary, I also marked the juxtaposition of Punk and luxury, a trend that’s currently making waves in fashion. The Punk whiskey glass has a 12-oz. capacity and stands 4" tall. With its stud-like facets, it enhances the visual appeal of both classic and modern cocktails. Made in Bavaria of lead-free crystal.