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European Soaps, Ltd

Pre de Provence Soap Crane Flower & Orange




Style : 35188CO

Bouquets of roses add heart and soul to this fresh blend, with notes of lavender, orange, and pine adding sparkle and depth to this 150-gram bar.

Pre de Provence, translated literally, means meadow of Provence. The fine quad-milled French-made soaps that carry the Pre de Provence name blend the natural oils of flowers and herbs found in Provencal meadows with natural shea butter and other fine ingredients, such as coconut and palm oil, to create bath soaps that are cleansing, aromatic and refreshing. Once you enjoy Pre de Provence soaps, you'll never to back to lesser brands.

Before being shaped into bars, the dried soap crystals of Pre de Provence soaps are passed through stainless-steel rollers four times, crushing the crystals into an extremely smooth paste. This repeated milling ensures that oils, fragrances and colors are evenly distributed throughout each bar and that the soap is extremely smooth to the touch. It also means that Pre de Provence soap bars are very dense and will last much longer than conventional soaps, easily producing rich creamy lather and subtle fragrances through the life of the bar.