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Portland Soda Works Llc

Portland Syrups Tonic Syrup

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Created and brewed in small batches right here in Portland, Portland Syrups concoctions are the creations of PDX neighbors Chris Onstad and Dan McLaughlin. Their syrups use only the finest whole ingredients to create fantastic syrups that are delicious and invigorating in both cocktails and sodas.

Portland's House Spirits distillery approached Portland Soda Works to create a tonic that paired with their award-winning Aviation gin. This authentically-brewed whole-ingredient tonic, made with genuine cinchona bark, features a delicate floral layer that supports but does not compete with Aviation's spice roster. Cinchona, the bittering bark from which tonics get their quinine, delivers a complex, gently astringent tonic "bite". This makes the driest gin and tonic you'll find; simply stir it with a bit of sparkling water prior to building your drink. 12-oz. glass bottle that will make 12-24 cocktails or nearly a gallon of soda. Stays fresh in the fridge for 6 months.