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Oxo International, Ltd.

OXO Stainless Ice Bucket w/Ice Tongs




Style : 3107300

OXO's ice bucket features a wealth of thoughtful and useful details, starting with insulating, double-wall construction that keeps ice-cold temperatures in, and ensures that the outer stainless steel wall stays condensation-free. For an ice supply that lasts the whole party, a grid of deep channels in the bottom separates melted ice from the remaining whole cubes, keeping the whole cubes solid longer. A flip-top lid ensures easy one-handed access and a secure close each time. The clear lid allows the ice level to be visible, so you don't have to open the bucket to know when it's time to refill. A non-slip base keeps the bucket stable and a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip on the handle makes it easy to transport. The set includes brushed stainless steel tongs, with sharp teeth to easily grab ice cubes, that attach to pegs on the sides of the bucket for serving convenience.