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Dreamfarm Milberg Factors, Inc

O-Zest Speed Zester




Style : FDOZ3345

Love this zester! It's called a speed zester because the stainless-steel grating surface is concave, enabling more contact than a flat surface with whatever you're zesting, thus producing more zest in the same time. The concave surface also helps guide food down the center, for greater safety and efficiency. There are 441 tiny, super-sharp, photo-etched blades at work on the O-Zest, and they produce clouds of fine, 3/64" zest from citrus fruit, ginger, nutmeg, garlic, chocolate, and hard cheeses. Plus, the O-Zest features spring-loaded, push-button cleaning; the grating surface raises, then snaps back into place, shaking off clinging zest. The clear plastic cover slides or snaps into place for safe storage, and also acts as a zest catcher, holding up to 2 tbsp. of zest. All in all, this is a greater grater! 12.6" long, 2.2" wide, dishwasher safe.