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Harold Imports Company, Inc.

Mrs. Anderson's Child's Baking Set




Style : 22048

Just the thing for budding bakers, this 14-pc. set is crafted from the same top-quality materials adult tools are made from: food-grade silicone, stainless steel, wood, and BPA-free plastic. The tools are sized for smaller hands; the cutters and baking cups make full-size treats. This is a set that will last thousands of bakes and help children learn the joys of cooking. The set includes a 4" silicone rollling pin with hardwood handles, six 2.5"-dia. silicone cupcake/muffin cups, a 4.5"-dia. fluted silicone baking pan, three 2.5", BPA-free polypropylene cookie cutters, two 8" silicone spatulas with wood handles, and a 7" stainless-steel mini whisk. All but the wood-handled spatulas and rolling pin and dishwasher safe.