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R.S.V.P.International, Inc.

Molcajete Volcanic Stone Mortar & Pestle




Style : GUAC-2

Now this is what we call a mortar and pestle, or more properly, a molcatjete and tejolote. This traditional Mexican tool is made of volcanic stone and is wonderful for hand grinding of spices, salsas and guacamole. It measures 8.5" in diameter, 5.5" tall, and is quite heavy. Since iit is made of natural, porous stone, you'll need to do some seasoning to get rid of the grit that will initially be generated by grinding.

1. Soak the molcajete and the tejolote in water for several hours.

2. When dry, put a small amount of raw, uncooked rice in the molcajete and grind

3. Repeat grinding with uncooked rice until the rice powder created in the molcajete is white, not grey

4. Brush thoroughly with a stiff brush

5. Grind a paste of garlic, cumin seed, salt, and fresh cilantro and let sit overnight in the molcajete

6. Clean the molcajete and tejolote in hot water and they're ready to use. If needed, repeat steps 1-4 until grit is gone.