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Microplane/Grace Mfg

Microplane Kid's Safety Grating/Cutting Glove




Style : 34607

Let your child enjoy the pleasures of cooking, and keep those little hands safe from cuts and scrapes with this well-designed glove. Even if it's just a grater, those dozens and dozens of little slicing edges can work just as well on knuckles as they do on food. So, Microplane has come up with a nifty glove, made of a lightweight, cut-resistant, man-made fiber that's FDA-compliant for contact with food and contains no uncomfortable wire. It's sized for children, fits either hand and is machine-washable (drip dry). Keep in mind that this glove is cut-resistant, not cut-proof. You should still do all you can to avoid sharp edges. But if you accidentally come in contact with one, you may still damage the glove, but not your hand.