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Kyocera International, Inc

Kyocera Hand Crank Burr Coffee Grinder




Style : CM-40

Kyocera is world leader in the manufacture of advanced ceramics. Their manual coffee grinder uses burrs made from zirconium oxide, a ceramic that is nearly as hard as diamonds and that will not rust or corrode. This slim Kyocera grinder is adjustable from coarse to fine, from French press coffee to espresso, and can also be used to grind salt, pepper, seeds, and spices. The zirconium oxide burrs will not absorb or transfer flavors when washed by hand with soap and water. The glass container is dishwasher safe and can hold 30g of coffee grounds. The two-piece lid lets you add beans without removing the handle, and a non-slip base keeps the grinder in place while you're working. 7.9" tall.