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Kai Usa/Kershaw

Kai Pro Master Utility Knife 6.5 "

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Style : HT7082

Kai Pro knives come from Kai, the 110-year-old Japanese company that makes reknowned Shun cutlery. Kai Pro is intended for the aspiring cook, both at home and in commercial kitchens, who has outgrown entry-level cutlery. Kai Pro knives are certified for commercial use by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), and offer a combination of high performance, durability, and affordability that's quite remarkable.

The unique Kai Pro master utility is an exclusive kitchen knife design that combines the nimbleness of a utility knife with the multifunction capabilities of a chef's knife. The blade is slightly longer and wider than a standard utility, yet it still offers all the agile and easy handling of a compact knife. With extra width at the heel and a slight belly curve, it also enables rocking cuts for mincing herbs or garlic. The downturned tip is similar to a kiritsuke and makes the tip extra durable.