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Now Designs/Danica

Harmony Tajine




Style : 5259001

A tajine is both a type of clay cooking vessel and the dish cooked in this vessel. So, you can eat a tagine that has been cooked in a tagine. The traditional Morrocan tagine is made of heavy clay, with a round , low-sided base and a cone-shaped top. The shape of the top has been developed to allow moisture to condense and fall back into the food, a self-basting process that results in moist, succulent, flavorful dishes, traditionally slow-simmered stews of meat, vegetables, fruit, and spices. The base of the tagine does double-duty as the serving dish.

This lovely tajine is made of terra cotta that is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. It measures 9" in diameter and has a capacity of 26 ozs.