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Fellow Industries Inc.

Fellow Ode Gen 2 Burr Coffee Grinder




Style : D1211MB-US-SB

Two years in development, the second generation of Fellow's award-winning Ode home brew grinder offers significant upgrades. Featuring redesigned burrs, the new Ode Gen 2 grinds finer and with more precision. The broader grind range is exceptional for every brew method whether it's a French press, an electric drip coffeemaker, an AeroPress, a cold-brewer, or pour-over. The Gen 2 features new anti-static technology for less grind mess, a redesigned load bin for smoother bean feeding, and an expanded 100 gram catch cup for batch brews. What hasn't changed is that the Ode Gen 2 is different: it's designed to precisely grind whole coffee beans for brewed coffee only, not espresso. It uses 64mm stainless-steel flat burrs, not conical burrs, to grind the beans, with your choice of 31 settings that allow you to get coffee that exactly suits your style. The grinding mechanism is powered by a PID-controlled electric motor that ensures that beans are ground to a uniform consistency. And, the aluminum-bodied Ode is much quieter than other burr grinders, incorporating noise-reduction technologies; no more waking up the rest of the house when making coffee. The Ode even shuts itself off when done, detecting when the last of the beans has been ground. The Ode's striking styling and extraordinarily compact dimensions are, in part, due to the fact that it does not have bean storage hopper sitting on top. Instead you add just the beans you need when you're ready to grind. No more beans going stale sitting in the hopper. All in all, the Ode grinder is a remarkable design for those who demand the best in brewed coffee. It measures just 9.4" high, 4.1" wide, and 9.75" deep.
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