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Fat Daddio Global Ultimate

Fat Daddio's Tart Pan 14" x 4" Rectangular




Style : PFT-1375

Fat Daddio's is the finest, professional-style bakeware we've seen. If you want the best possible results from your baking, with professional quality and performance from your pans, Fat Daddio's is the way to go. We invite you to bake in Fat Daddio's pans and see for yourself that they're different.

So, what makes Fat Daddio's so good? Fat Daddio's' pans are made from aluminum, essential for uniform heat distribution and the even rising and baking of baked goods. The pros bake only in aluminum. But Fat Daddio's pans are made from premium 3003 aluminum alloy that, unlike other aluminum bakeware, has been anodized. Anodizing is a safe, environmentally-friendly process that thickens, toughens and seals the naturally-occuring protective oxide found on aluminum. Fat Daddio's pans simply will not interact with even the most acidic foods. They won't peel, chip, flake, discolor, or chalk. Not only this, Fat Daddio's pans come with a lifetime warranty. The only thing to note is that Fat Daddio's pans should be hand washed if you want to maintain the appearance; the dishwasher will cause discoloration that is cosmetic only, and will not affect performance.

There's even more...Fat Daddio's pans are completely seamless. No more split edges, or welding leaks on the inside of a pan that can damage a cake and create contamination issues. This seamless design creates pans that have a tiny 1.5 mm radius on the corners, resulting in finished cakes with square corners and sharp edges, essential for layering and decorating ease. Each Fat Daddio's pan features consisent wall thickness, eliminating hot and cold spots and ensuring even rising and baking. The square and sheet cake pans have a 1/2" lip on all four sides, keeping top edges from burning and giving you a secure grip on hot pans. If you want to bake in the best, you want Fat Daddio's.