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Emile Henry U.S.A.Ach Only

Emile Henry Pie Dish 9 " Charcoal




Style : 6131-79

There's a story to Emile Henry bakeware, a story that explains the unique benefits to this traditional French bakeware. Marcigny, a small town nestling between the hills of Southern Burgundy, has been home to Emile Henry for the past 150 years. Faithful to its origins, the entire production is carried out here. Thanks to its clay, rich in refractory properties, Burgundy has remained a fertile area for potters, passing on their savoir-faire from generation to generation.

Emile Henry improves on this natural raw material with a process of tempering called Ceradon. In addition to the heat conduction properties of the Burgundy clay, this process makes all Emile Henry dishes more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks. In other words, they're stronger than conventional ceramic baking pieces. In fact, it's so strong, it can go directly from the freezer to a hot oven with no danger of cracking!

Then, there are the beautiful colors employed by Emile Henry. When each piece is finished, a coloued glaze is sprayed on the dish. The glaze is made of ground glass, water and coloring. The glazed dish is fired in the kiln for 4 hours at a very high temperature (1150°C), melting the glaze to a very strong and completely smooth glass.When the pieces come out the kiln, they are checked one by one in order to ensure a constant quality.

Emile Henry bakeware bakes beautifully and looks so good, you'll enjoy serving in these pieces. It's a traditional French product that will give you years of enjoyment.