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Dreamfarm Milberg Factors, Inc

DreamFarm's Set Of The Best Utensils




Style : DFSB5356

Dreamfarm utensils have that little bit extra in function and convenience that sets them apart. This is a set of their best.

  • The Chopula, a spatula with a nylon head that is thin and super-flexible for flipping, and also strong enough for chopping with the edges.
  • A Supoon and a Mini-Supoon, perhaps the best cooking spoons ever invented.
  • A pair of Clongs Lite, nylon click-lock tongs that sit up off your bench, and open or lock closed with the click of a button.
  • A Sharple, the amazing self-sharpening peeler.
  • And a Lestrain, a scoop strainer that catches its own drips and sits up off your counter.

These are all well-thought-out and well-engineered tools that will make kitchen life easier and more enjoyable.