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Dreamfarm Milberg Factors, Inc

Dreamfarm's Essential Supoons & Chopulas Set/4




Style : DFST5363

We can just about guarantee that your cooking life will be easier with this set of four essential tools. First the Supoons, one large, and one small. The Supoon scrapes, scoops, and measures, plus sits up flat on the counter, to boot. The deep head is made from high-grade, flexible, non-stick silicone that's safe to 500 degrees F. Use the Supoon for baking and mixing or for cooking on the stove. The straight end of the head cleans the bottom of a bowl or pan like a squeege, while the flexible edges cleanly scrape the sides of your pots and pans; get out that last drop of goodness! There are measuring lines in the head of the large Supoon for both a teaspoon and a tablespoon, so you can save on cleaning up multiple utensls. And, the wavy nylon handle ensures that the Supoon stays upright on your counter, cutting down on the mess; the handle is even weighted, so the Supoon stays stable with a full scoop of sauce. The large Supoon measures 11" long and is safe in the dishwasher as well as being heat-safe to 500° F.

The Mini Supoon is a silicone teaspoon that scrapes every last bit from your jars and containers, and shares all the features of its large sibling. It measures 8.1" long.

Chopulas are spatulas with nylon heads that are thin and super-flexible for flipping, and also strong enough for chopping with their edges. They're great for separating chopped meat or eggs in a pan, flipping pancakes and serving. The Chopula’s clever handle design also lifts its head up off your kitchen counter when you put it down, minimizing mess. It's dishwasher safe and heat safe to 480° F. The large Chopula measures 12" long and 3.7" wide.

The mini-Chopula is a flexible cookie turner that can slice into the corners of brownie pans. It measures 9.7" long and 3" wide. It shares all the attributes of the large Chopula.