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Zwilling Ja Henckels Llc

Demeyere Industry Five- Ply Roasting Pan Large

$349.95 $249.99



Style : 48740

Made in Belgium and designed to meet the demands of busy restaurant kitchens, the Industry roasting pan is perhaps the finest we've seen. It's made of five plys of stainless steel and aluminum, with an aluminum core that promtoes rapid and uniform heat conduction. The stainless exterior and cooking surfaces are given an exclusive Demeyere surface treatment that removes impurities, maintaing a flawless, silvery white finish that looks like new after years of use, even resisting fingerprints. Of course the Industry roasting pan is safe in the oven and under the broiler, but it's also perfectly fine on any kind of stovetop, including magnetic induction. The high side help minimize splattering in the oven and feature a edge designed for dripless pouring. Those beautiful and functional handles are shot-blasted and polished and offer a secure grip when lifting the pan out of the oven, with a maximum of maneuverability and a minimum of wrist strain. The heavy-duty, non-stick rack is included; it features a deep V shape and two convenient handles for lifing. The large Industry roasting pan measures 15.75" (17.5" with handles) x 13.25" x 3" deep. Dishwasher safe.