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Spectrum Diversified/Tovolo

Covered King Cube Ice Cube Tray Charcoal




Style : 22021-200

Are your cubes King Cubes? They will be with this soft, flexible, silicone ice cube tray that makes six perfect, oversized, cubes, 2" in each dimension. Now better than ever, with a rigid lid that makes trays easier to stack, easier to transport to the freezer for chilling, and less susceptible to evaporation in the freezer. Mixologists love them for making cubes out of mixers with fruit or herbs inside, great for that intriguing, visually-appealing cocktail. They're also terrific for freezing juice treats for kids. Food-grade silicone is the ideal material for ice cube trays. The flexible material peels off, letting the intact cubes pop right out. Silicone won't absorb odors or flavors, and it goes in the dishwasher for clean up.