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Portstyle Enterprises

Copper Cleaning Cloths Set/2




Style : RED250106

Copper cloth for cleaning, you ask? Why, yes! Ideal for cleaning pots, pans, sinks, stoves, glass, high-grade steel and other surfaces, these copper cleaning cloths from Germany also remove layers of rust from knife blades. Fine copper threads gently remove even persistent dirt; copper is a soft metal, which does not scratch, so you can get pots, pans, and stoves clean from burned-on grime without scratching, and polish your sink until it gleams. Ideal for high-grade steel articles, glass, china and ceramics, too. These cloths are double-layered for extra strength, extremely long-lasting, and machine washable, too. Wash in warm water with the cloths placed in a linen or cotton bag, or in a sock.