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Option 2 (Walpert)

Christmas Crackers Vintage Mushrooms




Style : 6133-03

Crackers are the perfect item to celebrate with at holiday parties. When two people pull from each end of a cracker, not only is there a POP!, but a party hat, a corny joke and a surprise novelty gift are revealed. Offer them to your guests, or bring them to your host; they're traditonally set on the table at each placesetting. Crackers originated in London in the 1840s when a confectioner wrapped sugared sweets in brightly colored paper with twisted ends. He later wrapped the paper around a tube that included the sweets and added a saying and a surprise gift. Inspired by the "pop" of logs in a fireplace, he created a design that added the cracking sound that gives crackers their name. This set includes 6 crackers.