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Breville Hwi Usa

Breville Smart Oven Pro




Style : BOV845BSS

This Breville stainless-steel countertop convection oven has a host of useful features. It features five independent quartz heating elements that are monitored and controlled by what Breville calls Element IQ to put the heat where it's needed for uniform temperature throughout the cooking chamber. It will do more of the thinking for you with ten pre-programmed cooking cycles from Toast to Roast to Pizza to Cookies that automatically select cooking times and temperatures. There's even a slow-cook setting for cooking at low temperatures for long periods, up to ten hours, that automatically switches to a "keep warm" setting, so food is ready when you are. And with the convection feature circulating hot air, cooking times are reduced by up to 30%. The 0.8 cubic foot, non-stick interior will accommodate most Dutch ovens up to 3.5 qts. with the lid on, and most 5-qt. pots with a foil cover. To get the most out of your oven, it comes with an 12" x 12" enamel baking pan, a 12" x 12" enamel broiler pan and a 13"-dia. non-stick pizza pan. The overall exterior dimensions of the Smart Oven Pro are 18.5" wide, 14.5" deep and 11" high.