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Breville Hwi Usa

Breville Smart Fryer




Style : BDF500XL

The Breville Smart Fryer is the first deep fryer with technology that adjusts time and temperature to suit what you're cooking. Simply select what you're cooking from among the seven pre-set menu choices, and this Smart Fryer will deliver the right temperatures at just the right times. Good news for french fry lovers, the Smart Fryer includes a twice-fried function for restaurant quality fries, fried twice at different temperatures. It also makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients, and includes a custom setting that allows you to program your favorite dish.

The 1800-watt heating element is controlled by an electronic thermostat that precisely regulates cooking temperature and allows for rapid temperature recovery when adding food. The temperature, time, and preprogrammed cooking functions are displayed on the easy-to-read LED screen. A large viewing window lets you see what's cooking in the 2.5-lb. capacity, stainless-steel fry basket, which sits inside the 4-qt. capacity stainless cooking vessel; both the cooking vessel and the fry basket are dishwasher safe. The exterior is brushed stainless steel. The power cord attaches magnetically to the fryer for safety.