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Breville Hwi Usa

Breville Precision Brewer

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Style : BDC450BSS1BUS1

This coffeemaker from Breville is for the most demanding coffee drinker. It's a unique machine with a set of features not found on any other automatic coffeemaker. The default setting on the Precision Brewer is for a Gold Cup, a cup of coffee brewed to the strict specifications of the Specialty Coffee Association of American; water temperature of between 198 degrees F and 204 degrees F, brewing time of less than 8 minutes, and an even saturation of the coffee grounds. But, that's just the start. By simply turning the dial, you can have your Precision Brewer make a faster brew, a stronger brew, an overnight cold brew, a brew tailored for iced coffee, even a custom "my brew" that follows your specifications for a variety of brewing variables. Add the optional adapter, and the Precision Brewer will even make cup of pour-over coffee using a dripper. Amazingly, the Precision Brewer performs all these tasks automatically. The "my brew" feature lets you design your own brewing cycle based on bean age, origin and roast, bloom time, water temperature, flow rate and brew time.

The Precision Brewer features a thermo-block heating system like those found on high-end espresso machines with precise, digital temperature control. It comes with two filter baskets, one flat-bottomed, the other a conventional cone shape. The carafe is double-wall stainless steel for maximum temperature retention, and it has a capacity of 60 ozs., making the Precision Brewer the only high-quality coffeemaker with a 12-cup insulated carafe. The Breville Precision Brewer measures 6.7" wide, 12.4" deep and 15.6" high, and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.