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Breville Hwi Usa

CLOSEOUT Breville Bluicer Combo Blender & Juicer

$299.95 $239.96



Style : BJB615SHY

A really sensible machine, Breville's Bluicer saves both your storage space and your money. Using a common motor base sheathed in brushed stainless steel, the Bluicer is both a blender and a juicer, with 10 speed settings and 4 one-touch, built-in programs (including frozen cocktail and dairy smoothie). Lift off the 1-5 liter blender jar and fit the stainless-steel, centrifugal juicer. A 3.5"-wide feed tube cuts down on cutting up fruit and vegetables; a spout attachment lets you juice directly into a glass, or you can pipe your juice into the blending jar to create a multi-ingredient smoothie quickly and easily. The juicing mechanism adds only 1 degree C to the juice, helping preserve the nutrients. The blender can easily crush ice and make snow for fresh fruit juice ices, as well as perform all the tasks you need from a blender. Tthe pulp catcher for juicer sits behind the motor base and has a capacity of 3 liters. 2-year limited product warranty from Breville.