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Breville Hwi Usa

Breville 4-Slot Smart Toaster Die Cast




Style : BTA840XL

Breville die-cast Smart Toasters are really pretty impressive. FIrst of all, the bodies are made of die-cast metal, for an impressive look and feel, along with a well-insulated toasting compartment. Second, you get the features you'd expect, including variable browning control, 1.2"-wide and 5.2"-deep slots that accommodate artisan breads and bagels, a defrost setting for frozen toaster pastries, and a bagel setting that heats only one side of the slots. But then, there are the extra things that set Smart Toasters apart. A single internal chip lowers bread into the slots at one touch of a button and regulates browning. A strip of blue LEDs indicates toasting time; the bar gets shorter as time runs down. But the really cool things are the Lift and Look button, which raises the bread, so you can see how it looks, without canceling or resetting the toasting cycle; and the A Bit More button which extends toasting time - well - just a bit more. How great are those? 6.5" x 7" x 11" high. 1-year replacement warranty.