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Bodum, Inc.

Bodum Columbia French Press - 8- Cup




Style : 1308-16

The sleek Columbia French presses combine elegance of form with the best materials for perfect function. The Columbia's double-walled stainless steel thermo press keeps your coffee or tea hotter longer. The Columbia thermo press also comes in a 12 cup size and you can use it for either your perfect cup of tea or coffee.

See a Columbia French press demo here.

The principle of the French press is simple: add boiling water to ground coffee in the stainless carafe, let the coffee brew to the desired strength, then use the plunger to slowly press the coffee grounds out of the brew and down to the bottom of the carafe. What's left behind is a simply fabulous cup of coffee! Making coffee this way lets you use the hottest possible water to extract all the flavor from the coffee and eliminates the build up of coffee residues that can alter the flavor in conventional coffeemakers. It's coffee in its purest form.