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Bodum, Inc.

Bodum Bistro Milk Frother




Style : 11901-01

The Bodum Bistro milk frother makes it easy to turn an ordinary cup of coffee into a treat. Just add up to a cup of any kind of milk to the frother and hit the power button; in seconds you'll have hot, frothed milk ready to transform your coffee. The Bodum frother can also froth milk without heat, so you can enjoy a cold coffee drink; and it can heat milk without frothing. It can even make perfect hot chocolate. Choose which disc to fit into the frothing chamber: one disc for frothing, the other for heating. Then push the power button one time for hot milk, two times for hot chocolate, or three times for cold milk. The automatic temperature control ensures that milk does not scald or boil, and the frother shuts off automatically when you milk is ready. The removable frothing chamber is made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating for easy clean up, and is dishwasher safe. 8.5" tall, 4.25" in diameter.