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Bdibecker Designed Inc.

Bdi Elements Triple Cabinet

$4,345.00 $3,099.00



Style : 8777-TM-ME-WL

This striking piece from BDI can hold audio/video components, support a television, and provide elegant storage. The laser-cut doors are backed with perforated steel panels, ensuring that the contents are kept out of sight, yet fully accessible to remote controls. Whether it's housing a soundbar or concealing a set of speakers, the Elements cabinet's distinct and acoustically transparent doors are music to the ears and a feast for the eyes. The recisely cut doors are backed with perforated metal, keeping contents ventilated, accessible, but out of sight. Magnetically attached, the metal backing is removable for easy cleaning. Running the width of the cabinet, powder-coated steel legs provide sturdy and elegant support. The touch-latch doors conceal ample storage compartments that can also accommodate many AV components, media devices, and gaming consoles. Suitable for use with media and home theater components, removable rear access panels include cable management and ventilation. The Elements triple cabinet measures59.25" wide, 30.25" high and 20" deep.