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Greenington Llc

Azara Bamboo Dining Table Sable

$1,466.00 $1,100.25



Style : GA0008-SA

This stunning dining table features contemporary styling, clean lines and beautiful contrasting accents in exotic Tiger bamboo.It measures 72" x 36" and stands 30" tall.

Harder and stronger than oak or maple, bamboo is an ideal material for crafting fine furniture. The fact that bamboo naturally grows very quickly with minimal resources also makes it a wonderfully sustainable source material. Add to all this the natural beauty and warm feel of bamboo and it's a wonder that more furniture does not take advantage of this unique resource.

Bamboo furniture from Greenington not only has all the virtues listed above, but is beautifully styled and extremely well made. Greenington Classic bamboo furniture is created by laminating precisely-milled, square-edge bamboo slats. Classic bamboo has a very detailed, consistent look, with hundreds of narrow, parallel strips in each piece. It has a beautiful feel, smooth and welcoming to the touch.