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Amisco Hint Counter Stool

$414.00 $331.20



Style : 40202-26-25CP96

Amisco chairs, stools and tables are made in Quebec, using welded steel frames, in a stunning array of styles, sizes, finishes, materials, and colors. What we show in our stores merely scratches the surface of the possibilities that exist with Amisco; in each style you can specify the frame finish, the fabric for the cushions (or often select a wood seat), and the finish and color of the table top. Each of our stores features a complete guide to all the choices and it's fun to create your own distinctive pieces exactly to your taste. All Amisco furniture is built to order, and prices may vary depending on the specifications. Orders generally take about six weeks to arrive. Come on in, take a look and take a seat to see what you think. If you want to do some homework in advance, you can go to Amisco's website and see everything they do. You can even read the site in French!