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American Leather

American Leather Burke Re- Invented Power Recliner





American Leather, created of the famed Comfort Sleeper and the luxurious Comfort Recliner, now brings us the Re-Invented Recliner. Why re-invented? Because it's the "un-recliner recliner", an exceptional blend of fashion, function, and comfort, that has none the bulk nor unsightly lines typically found in a recliner. If you've said you would never have a recliner, the Re-Invented Recliiner may make you think again. With a Re-Invented Recliner, you can choose from seven sleek silhouettes, each packaged in a small footprint. There's a recliner mechanism beautifully concealed in each frame, providing a smooth, simple recline function that easily engages with an effortless push-back motion.<BR><BR>Re-Invented Recliners are available to order in the full range of American Leather coverings; fabrics, Crypton fabrics, Ultrasuedes, and leathers. Prices vary depending on the grade of the cover, and orders are generally delivered in about six weeks. Re-Invented Recliners are backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension, and a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the date of purchase.