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Aeropress Original Coffee/Espresso Maker




Style : 85R11

The AeroPress Original has garnered rave reviews and created an on-line buzz among coffee afficianados. It's a unique way to brew what many are describing as the smoothest, richest, most-flavorful coffee they've ever tasted, one to four cups at a time, conventionally or cold-brewed.

The AeroPress Original sits on top of your coffee mug. Like in a French press, you combine ground coffee and water (175 degrees is optimal) in the top of the AeroPress. But in the case of the AeroPress Original, you stir for only 10 seconds with hot water, then gently press the plunger for just 20 - 30 seconds. For cold-brewed coffee, the stir time increases to about 90 seconds. The airtight plunger gently presses the water through the grounds and then through a paper micorfilter, directly into your cup, with none of the grit often found in French press coffee. The result is a cup of coffee that is optimally brewed by immersing all the grounds in hot or cold water, a cup of coffee that is remarkable free of acidity and bitterness. The paper filters may be discarded or recycled after each use, or brushed clean and reused. The package of replacements contains 350 fillters.

For more on the AeroPress, including links to video demos and complete instructions, just click here.