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100 Classic Hikes In Oregon




Style : 9781594854927

What makes a trail a classic hike? "Outstanding scenery," says author Doug Lorain, "especially good views." Add in mountain lakes and waterfalls. Sprinkle with wildflowers, old-growth forests, wildlife sightings, and interesting geologic features. All of the hikes Lorain has selected boast at least two of these attributes, and often more. These are simply the best hikes the state of Oregon has to offer. Lorain should know; he's logged more than 16,000 Oregon hiking miles in his boots.

. In 100 Classic Hikes in Oregon, Lorain presents a mix of the most popular trails and lesser-known gems throughout the entire state. These well-established trails range from short, easy strolls suitable for children and grandparents to longer backpacking trips for experienced hikers. 256 pages.