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We're a bunch of people who love to cook, entertain and make our homes look great. The products you'll find here are the things we use and love ourselves. We think you'll like them, too.

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This summer, experience pure comfort. All Comfort Sleepers are on sale only through March 27th.

From movie night to a weekend with the in-laws, the Comfort Sleeper works hard around the clock. With top-to-bottom customization and seven sizes from Cot to King, the Comfort Sleeper delivers powerful performance tailor-made for your home. Take 10% OFF your custom order for an American Leather Comfort Sleeper; any size, any style, any fabric, any leather.

Only Comfort Sleepers feature the patented Tiffany 24/7 mechanism which supports the mattress with a solid-wood platform, putting an end to the sagging springs, uncomfortable bars and a bad night's sleep.

Comfort Sleeper mattresses, whether premier, gel or Tempurpedic, are full-sized, just like the mattress on your bed. No one's feet will hang off the end. Despite this, the Tiffany mechanism allows a Comfort Sleeper to take up less floor space than a conventional sleeper.

Stop into one of our four Portland-area stores and see, sit on and lie on a Comfort Sleeper. Visit the American leather website to learn more. Then place your Comfort Sleeper order and save! 

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March's Gadget of the Month

the Fluicer

the Fold Flat Easy Juicer 

What's a Fluicer, you ask? Well, it's an easy-to-use citrus juicer with a unique design that lets it fold flat for compact storage. That means no humps and no bumps to take up space in the gadget drawer. The Fluicer comes in three sizes and they all work the same way. Put half of a lime, lemon, or orange into the center, then squeeze; the two-handed, sideways pivot motion works just like your hand when you squeeze a citrus fruit, but uses the larger muscle groups of your arms to provide increased leverage. It puts a lot less strain on your hands and requires less force and effort than the conventional, up-and-down squeeze juicers. Fresh juice comes out the bottom of the Fluicer, filtered through a screen that both catches the seeds and directs juice in a compact stream into your glass. Fluicers are made of polypropylene and stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. The large orange Fluicer juices oranges, lemons and limes and measures 11" long.

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