Zero Odor Spray 4-oz. Bottle
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Zero Odor absolutely lives up to its name; Zero Odor is guaranteed to completely and permanently eliminate odors that other products can't touch. Not only that, Zero Odor leaves behind no scent whatsoever. Zero Odor is a breakthrough in molecular chemistry. Each molecule of Zero Odor seeks out and bonds with odor molecules of every kind, totally neutralizing them so they never again cause odor. Only Zero Odor does that. Which is why only Zero Odor has been awarded seven patents for its unmatched and uniquely powerful odor elimination capabilities.

The scientific instrument that most accurately measures odors is the gas chromatograph. When the odor from soiled cat litter is entered into the chromatograph, it registers at levels that are highly offensive to humans and 100 times more powerful to cats. When a sample of soiled litter was sprayed with Zero Odor, the gas chromatograph levels fell to "0" on all odor measurements. When odors from such things as garlic, onions, smoke, garbage and soiled diapers were sprayed with Zero Odor, the gas chromatograph also showed results of "0". Perhaps the ultimate proof of Zero Odor's power is this fact: chromatograph odor measurements fell to "0" when Zero Odor was sprayed on samples of skunk odor. Wow!