Vega Outdoor Umbrella Light
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The patented Vega umbrella light from Treasure Garden lets you enjoy your deck or patio after dark. Measuring just 8" in diameter, the Vega unit features 24 LED lights arrayed to provide a full circle of illumination for the area beneath your umbrella. A self-adjust clamp lets the Vega fit umbrella poles from 1.375" to 2" in diameter. Or course it fits the Treasure Garden umbrellas you'll find at Kaboodle. The lights in the Vega are powered by a rechargable battery that provides 6-7 hours of illumination per charge, with a charging time of approx. 6 hours. One cool thing you can do with the Vega light is turn it upside down, so the lights are aimed up, reflecting off the bottom of your umbrella. This creates a much softer, dimmer light which is great for late-night, post-meal relaxation on a nice summer night.