Borner V-Slicer Green
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Slice, dice, done...that's all you need to know about the German-made Borner V-Slicer, the original V-slicer, backed by more than 50 years of experience. With a surgical-grade stainless-steel V-blade, the Borner V-Slicer slices, cubes and juliennes firm fruits and vegetables with a quick and easy sliding motion. The V-blade can be easily adjusted to any of four slicing thicknesses with a simple push button; with the addition of either the 7mm or 3.5mm inserts, you can make cubes or julienne strips in any of four sizes. A safety holder completely protects your fingers when slicing, the edge of the V-blade in the "0" position is completely covered, and an insert holder safely stores the two inserts. The V-Slicer is a well-thought out design, both for safety and for slicing, simple, effective and easy to use.