LaFuma R Clip Relaxor Aurore
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LaFuma is a French company with 60-plus years experience in highly-technical equipment for outdoors adventure, everything from backpacks and sleeping bags to clothing and shoes.For the last two decades they've translated that experience into outdoor furniture with the same virtues; advanced design, high-performance materials, light weight, and tremendous durability.

Gravity seems to disappear when you stretch out in LaFuma's R Clip relaxor, a chair that gives new meaning to the word comfortable. LaFuma's patented elastomer clip system attaches the removable, weather-and-UV-resistant mesh fabric to the high-tensile, lacquered steel frame. The R Clip is infinitely adjustable; simply sit down, grip the solid, cast-resin armrests and push with your back until you find your happy place. Then lock the R Clip in place with just a twist of the position stabilizer below the armrest. You can sit fully upright, stretch out with your feet above your head, or enjoy any position in between. The padded headrest is adjustable and removable. If you find your back doesn't like conventional outdoor chairs, it will thank you for sitting in a R Clip relaxor. The R Clip weighs just 16 lbs., but has a weight maximum of 300 lbs. It folds up in a compact package that measures just 38" x 27" x 6.5".